Latest Past Events

Order of Operations Satellite #3 : Creative Maths × Algorave

Pilar Boulevard du Triomphe 15, Auderghem

How can mathematics, algorithms and coding become strong tools for artistic creativity? We invite you to discover it in multiple ways and celebrate the finissage of Order of Operations with […]

Order of Operations Satellite # 2: Jean Paul Van Bendegem + Michel Tombroff

Académie royale des Sciences, des Lettres et des Beaux-Arts de Belgique Rue Ducale 1, Brussels

Art, philosophy and mathematics - a unique trio of disciplines to explore the world, the mind and everything else. Join us for double talk by Prof Jean Paul Van Bendegem […]


Order of Operations Satellite # 1: Ann Dooms + Amandine David

See U - Dinédit 227 Avenue de la Couronne, Ixelles

Where do computers come from? And how their binary code language is linked to traditional crafts such as weaving? Join us for a double talk by Professor Ann Dooms (VUB) […]