Ohme (BE)


15 electromechanical modules (Plexiglas, wood, electrical engine, sphere, infrared sensor, customised PCB, UV lights, Electronic Development Platform)

The Ancient Greek term κῦμα (pronounced Kima) is similar to the Latin term cumulus which can be translated as “that which swells”. The Greek term can also mean wave, the physical movement on the surface of a liquid layer.

In English, wave can also mean a dynamic disturbance of a physical quantity around a position of equilibrium.

By controlling the vertical position of each of the fifteen spheres, κῦμα produces a programmable choreography of these levitating objects.

Control is possible due to the mathematical equations that define the laws regulating the system.

Midway between kinetic art and digital technology, this installation sheds light on scientific disciplines that are not very well known yet permeate our daily lives: automation and control theory whose fundaments are rooted in mathematics, signal processing and computer science.

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κῦμα is a creation by Ohme and its lab team:
– François Bronchart
– Florian Jehin
– Teo Serra
– Raoul Sommeillier

With the precious help of:
– Laurent Catoire (SAAS – ULB)
– Christophe Mertens (SAAS – MobiDaLab – ULB)
– Geoffrey Vanbienne (BEAMS – ULB)
And the support of Brussels School of Engineering – ULB