26. Crystals – Guillaume Schweicher

Guillaume Schweicher (BE)


Photographic prints on dibond
3 pcs, 1 :42 x 59.4 cm

Crystals is a photographic series of polarised light microscopy images that unveil what cannot be seen with the naked eye: the beauty and geometry of an organic compound when it crystallises.

Fascinating to human imagination and often considered as precious or magical objects in many cultures around the world, crystals are an ordered form of the solid state of matter. 

Whether big as a solitary diamond or small as a grain of salt, whether natural or synthetic, they can be found everywhere in the physical world around us.

In a crystal, the atoms, the ions or the molecules are assembled in a geometric structure that repeats infinitely in all three spatial directions: the primitive cell.

The study of the crystalline state therefore calls upon geometry, in particular the notions of symmetry and transformation, here applied at a microscopic level.

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