22. Sine – Boris Wilmot, François Gaspard & Ohme

François Gaspard, Boris Wilmot & Ohme (BE)


Interactive audio-visual installation, animated video software (VVV), software for music production (Ableton Live), custom controller

In physics, sound is a vibration that travels as an acoustic wave through a gas, liquid, or solid medium. It can be described, modelled, or even created using mathematical objects.

Music is a combination of all kinds of sounds, so it is also possible to describe it, model it and compose it using different mathematical objects.

It all begins with the best-known trigonometric function: the sine.

Thanks to mathematics, electronic music producers can synthetise new sounds and digitise the ways music can be generated.

Touch the interface to begin your educational and interactive journey through the world of sine waves, discovering the the maths and science behind sound creation and of electronic music production.

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