11. Pantheism – Joanie Lemercier

Joanie Lemercier (FR/BE)


Direct print on dibond, video projection, custom mapping software
140 x 200 cm

Conceived as a contemplative experience, Pantheism embodies Lemercier’s fascination with the natural world and the notion of the Sublime, understood as an encounter with nature so grandiose that it transcends us, and the sensation of infinity engendered by this realization.

Here the artist details a map of the cosmos made up of constellations: invisible lines that humans have created to connect stars located light years apart. 

In this two-dimensional representation of space, a multitude of line segments intersect to form triangles that come together in multiple ways and cover the entire surface.

Thanks to geometry, we know it is possible to fill the entirety of an unlimited flat surface, called plane, using only one type of polygon, such as an equilateral triangle, a square or a hexagon, like the cells of a honeycomb.

The repetition of such polygons (patterns) forms what is called a periodic tiling.

But are there polygons that can fill the whole plane without ever repeating themselves?

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