03. Ambiguïté Géométrique II – Roger Vilder

Roger Vilder

Ambiguïté Géométrique II

Argon pumped neon lights, 9000V electronic transformer, black painted wood
198 x 124 x 22 cm

Ambiguïté géométrique II consists of a set of neon lines creating illusory perspectives of a space impossible to construct. 

The title refers to this impossibility and to the visual ambiguity it generates, deceiving the viewer’s perception by playing with an impression of three-dimensionality on a two-dimensional surface, due to perspective.

At the crossroads of artistic practice, mathematics and architecture, perspective, like any other interdisciplinary theme, eludes univocal conceptual treatment.

In its technical definition, the termperspective designates a particular projective system of three-dimensional objects onto a two-dimensional plane, so that the vision of the 2D image corresponds to the vision of these objects in 3D space. 

This definition privileges the mathematical aspect of perspective and refers to descriptive geometry.

In parallel, it is important to consider the perceptual mechanisms of vision as they also contribute to the three-dimensional illusion of a perspective image. 

Ambiguïté géométrique II embodies both these mathematical and perceptive considerations. 

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